Speedometer & Instrument Repair Services

Speedometer Repair::

If your vehicle is having speedometer related issues such as bouncing needle, wiggles or your speedometer makes a noise while driving we can help.

We repair all makes of cable driven mechanical speedometers and clusters.

Speedometer Calibration::

We calibrate speedometers when issues happen if you change the tire/wheel size from the stock size

Cable Rebuilding::

We're able to build a new cable for you from your old or damaged one on most vehicles.

Conversion from Metric to Miles::

We can convert your speedometer and dash area into compliance with American standards including the dash brake light and speed.

Cruise Control Installs::

We install aftermarket cruise controls on most vehicles. Contact us for a quote.

Complete Dash Rebuild::

Sometimes you need more than just the speedometer. Tacoma Speedometer can completely rebuild the entire dash. We work on GM Ford Dodge and many more makes

Odometer programming::

On most vehicles we can transfer mileage from original cluster to new cluster. Proper documentation is required. Contact us for more information.

*1 Year warranty on parts